Braves Anoint the Saints


Photograph by Kevin Lam

BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Thursday, January 19, Baldwin Park’s Boys’ Varsity Soccer won against the San Dimas Saints on home territory with a score of 2-1.

“I think that they were a tougher team than we had expected,” admitted captain Jesus Flores. “They were a really great team, but we held it together and came out victorious. I’m really proud of my team for fighting so hard.”

The first half of the match began with the Braves aggressively pressuring the Saints. The Braves were typically efficient at getting the ball onto the Saints’ side of the field and possessed the aggressiveness to open many opportunities to score. Many attacks by the Braves were led by Flores, who ultimately found that the Saints were quick to set up a strong defense whenever the ball was in the Braves’ possession. Although the Saints did not have many opportunities to attack during the first half, their few opportunities all posed threats to the Braves. Jason Cabrera was able to obtain the ball and shot from the 20 yard line, leaving the spectators holding their breaths. Unfortunately, the ball missed the goal by a few inches and hit the post. The Saints ,realizing the close call, pushed back and made it up to the BP side where Luis Morales almost let the ball roll into the goal, but luckily, it was barely stopped by the post. The Saints were motivated to make another attempt at scoring and they managed to succeed with only nine minutes left on the clock. The first half ended with the Saints leading, 1-0.

After halftime, the Braves decided to close the point gap between themselves and the Saints, and approached their plays with more precision. A free kick goal made by Marcos Villegas early on in the second half finally put the Braves on the scoreboard, 1-1. This half proved to be more in the Braves’ favor when Cabrera made the Braves’ second point of the night assisted by Benjamin Palafox’s corner kick. Things got a little more aggressive on the field during the final minutes of the game. The Braves’ Flores was suspended for the rest of the game after being carded. After this incident, both teams did not have an opportunity to further their scores and the game ultimately ended in a Braves’ victory, 2-1.

“I feel like it was a rough game and I’m happy that we bounced back from being down,” commented Jason Cabrera.

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