Forever in Spirit, Forever in Neverland


BALDWIN PARK, CA– BPHS had another one of its wonderful spirit weeks from January 17 to January 20 for the week of Winter Formal, themed “Forever in Neverland.” Just added this year, Winter Formal was held on Saturday, January 21 at the Courtyard Marriott from 7:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M.

Due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, there was no school Monday, so the first spirit day, Pajama Day, happened on Tuesday.

Pajama Day was most popular spirit day. However, some BPHS students forgot to wear their nightwear because of the long weekend. Many students came in their colorful, patterned, or simple shirts and warm pants. Some even showed up in onesies, which showed how much effort they put into school spirit.

Tiffany Yu, BPHS senior, was upset that she had forgotten about the Spirit Days. “I wanted to wear PJ’s because I wanted to be comfortable in them all day,” she explained on Tuesday. She redeemed her spirit points throughout the week by participating in other days.

Wednesday was Twin Day. Being in groups and matching with each other was more popular than two students twinning. Club and sports members found it easy to twin with their club shirts and jerseys.

The least amount of participation happened on Thursday for Disney Day. The Mickey ears were a popular accessory. Other students wore their casual Disney shirts or comfortable Disney sweaters. The cold and rainy weather probably prevented anyone from going all out. A few students swore they would have been Darth Vader or even one of the Disney princesses.

Friday was Crazy Sock Day, as well as a crazy rainy day. The socks served to be a great accessory to keep warm throughout the wet day. Since socks were necessary, almost everyone wore their fuzzy and thick socks.

“I would have to say Crazy Sock Day was my favorite because you were able to show how creative you can get,” said Ruby Murillo, the 2017 Class President. “And show your awesome sense in fashion!”

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