Tons of Wontons


BALDWIN PARK, CA– Jumping 1 Ton is a small family owned restaurant in Baldwin Park that opened in November of 2016. There has been a lot of buzz over social media and at Baldwin Park High School about this new place, so The Vanguard Team decided to try it out for themselves.

Once the group entered Jumping 1 Ton, they were immediately greeted by the server, also known as Chef Eric, at the counter. Free samples were given out to those who had never been there before. He immediately came around from the counter to explain the menu and handed them samples of their Old Time milk tea and their potato salad.

The #10 was ordered since it came with one of each of the 9 different stuffed wontons and that was accompanied by drinks with boba. A Kimcheese Short Rib sandwich was given on the house when the server was informed that The Vanguard was reviewing their restaurant.

Everything came with a short wait and it all looked delicious. The wontons were tried first, one flavor after the other. All the different flavors tasted delicious, even the ones that caused reluctance like the cheese and crab one. The boba drinks were also very good, which is sometimes rare when it comes to boba being served at a place that does not focus mainly on boba.

The kimcheese sandwich was next, which the chef informed them that it was their best-seller. The fusion between the kimchi and cheese was very delicious. It made it quite impossible to put the sandwich down.

The price range was around $20 which is more on the expensive side compared to your typical burger joint. However, everything was full of flavor and freshly-made, as informed by Chef Eric. Chef Eric also stated that their main goal was to infuse a lot of different cultural flavors together. Since their menu ranges from wontons and kimchi sandwiches to a simple grilled cheese and potato salad, he would not necessarily call it Asian Fusion food.

Overall, we would rate Jumping 1 Ton a 5 out of 5. The staff is friendly, they give great service, they offer samples to everyone who comes into their restaurant, and their food is simply delicious. They even provide a great fix for your boba craving.

Just share it.