Braves Lasso the Colts


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Thursday January 12, the Baldwin Park boys soccer team took on the Covina Colts in a game that proved to be quite a challenge. The Braves won with a score of 3 to 1 .

“The game was stressful at first, it took us a goal to finally click but once we did it was easy getting the goals we needed,” said Jason Cabrera.

The majority of the first half was spent kicking the ball back and forth between both teams. Luis Morales, the goal keeper, shouted for his fellow teammates to challenge the other team. There were multiple attempted shots, but none were successful.

With only eight minutes left in the first half, player Jesus Flores was hurt by a member of the opposing team. However, he was able to continue playing. Jose Acosta, was also injured as both he and a player from Covina tried to execute a header at the same time. Acosta was able to bounce back, but a few minutes later he left the field.

The second half proved to be the same with BP attempting a lot of shots but unfortunately missing them. Twenty-five minutes into the second half, the Colts were finally able to make it up to the goal and unexpectedly made a shot in a result of 1 to 0. The Covina spectators only had a few minutes to cheer as Marco Villegas was able to score a penalty shot.

“I think it was a really intense game because we made it difficult for ourselves by knowing we were the better team and wanting to score right away instead of working the play wisely,” said Villegas.

With about ten minutes left in the second half and rain sprinkling down on the players, Flores was able to make an impressive shot that left the crowd cheering. The players spent most of the time slipping on the wet turf and a Colt even managed to lose a shoe. With five minutes left, Jason Cabrera was given a yellow card after being tripped over by an opponent and complaining it had been a constant thing with that specific player from the start of the game.

Angel Cardenas secured the Braves’ win and scored with less than two minutes left in the game. The game with Covina ended with a score of 3-1, a Baldwin Park victory.

“We play good as a team, which helps us get a lot of opportunities to be able to win the game,” stated Juventino Magana.

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