Braves Stampeded by the Colts, 44-32


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Friday, January 13, the BPHS Boys’ Varsity Basketball lost against the Covina Colts with a final score of 44 to 32.

“I think the effort and the energy was there, the team couldn’t execute on offense. We came to play and we were ready, but shots weren’t falling and our defense was struggling all night,” BPHS senior Louie Flores explained. “As a team, we could have taken care of the ball and could have taken better shots.”

The first quarter started off strong for both teams. Flores made the first shot for the Braves in the first two minutes. The Braves made multiple attempted shots, but the Colts were too strong with their defense. Eric Carbajal, David Brizuela, Edgar Morales, Flores, and Fernando Carrillo all tried to steal the ball away from the Colts. They had different strategies to block the opponents and pass to each other. After the Colts kept scoring, Flores took off with the ball by himself and scored two points. Five minutes later, Angel Zuniga made another shot, ending the quarter 14 to 5, the Braves behind.

It was obvious that the Colts had a better strategy and worked more with teamwork, despite the Braves pushing themselves. The Braves tried to score many times but came up short. They were getting desperate to score now. Brizuela and Julian Moreno even fell down in the process of stealing the ball. Both the teams were being too aggressive in their offenses. Fouls came one after another and they received shouts from the audience watching. Zuniga almost scored a three-pointer, but the ball hit the rim. He made two points for the Braves later on. Carrillo stole the ball from the Colts and passed to Zuniga, who made another two points. Brizuela stole the ball and passed to Zuniga, but the ball was quickly stolen by a Colt. The Braves continued diving for the ball and missing the basket by a few inches. Zuniga scored another two points, followed by a timeout from the Braves. The Braves had a successful passing strategy but Flores failed to score in the end. Moreno scored free throw just in time with 23 to 13, the Braves still ten points behind.

The second half of the game was when the Braves made their comeback. Flores made 2 shots despite the harsh pushing from the Colts, even making another basket. Just when the Colts started getting anxious, Flores scored yet again. Zuniga attempted to shoot a three-pointer but the ball was stolen out of his reach. Brizuela and Carrillo did not give up trying to steal and block the opponents. Moreno attempted to shoot but the Braves were weaker in their defense. Both teams continued pacing back and forth across the court, not scoring for a while. Brizuela made two shots and was followed by another one of Zuniga’s three-pointer corner shots. After a timeout was taken again by the Braves, Carrillo attempted his corner shots but the ball hit the rim. Brizuela went full speed in a sea of Colts, passing to Moreno who scored for the Braves. The audience went wild; the Braves were only five points behind. Carrillo proved his blocking skills effectively, but the Braves did not score. The Braves were then trailing, 34 to 25.

Flores scored a three-pointer with the help of his teammates within the first few second of the last quarter. He passed to Zuniga, who scored another three-pointer corner shot. The Braves seemed to be more motivated and worked faster. However, the Colts were much more aggressive and faster than the Braves overall. The Braves slowly slipped behind. At one point, Brizuela had no teammate to pass to and another time the ball was taken from him. Carrillo missed a shot very close to the net. Two timeouts were taken by the Colts. There were only two minutes left with 40 to 30 on the scoreboard. Anthony Valenzuela made the very last shot for the Braves, ending the game with  44 to 32.

“What we need to do in order for us to improve as a team is to communicate better and help each other out,” stated BPHS senior David Brizuela. “Yes, we are capable of beating Covina in the future, we just have to adjust a couple of things to get our shooters open so we can knock down more shots.”

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