To Be or Not To Be a Senior


BALDWIN PARK, CA — Second semester is a very bittersweet time for many seniors at Baldwin Park High School. Since half of the year is over, seniors had months to enjoy the benefits and struggle through the hardships of being a senior.

Coming back from break, many seniors have had the opportunity to think about the pros and cons of being at the top of the high school food chain. One of the best things about being a senior is all of the senior-exclusive events that usually come around the end of the year.

“While being a senior, you get the opportunity to enjoy a lot of outside activities with people you’ve been going to school with for years,” expressed senior Jesse Hernandez. For Hernandez, one such memorable activity was going “to championship with an amazing band.”

“And who can forget the best thing, all of the events like prom, graduation, etc. It’s our last year to be with the friends we’ve made throughout our high school years,” further added Alsey Rodriguez.

According to the interviewed seniors, a sense of freedom is also a pro of being a senior, especially when it comes to choosing electives and other courses. Senior Jacob Rice spoke about the freedom of course choices and his own electives during his senior year.

“The best part of senior year is getting to basically hand pick what classes you have,” Rice commented. “Coming into school, I had three open spots for classes. I chose one that was challenging (AP Stats) and two that would be fun (Athletics P.E. and ASB). The choice to take these classes has led me to having a lot of free time, allowing me to have fun.”

Another positive of being a senior is realizing how close to adulthood one is during their senior year. According to senior Marissa Guzman, this is “the aspect of knowing that we’ll be way more independent in less than six months.”

Guzman further explains how seniors can look forward to doing “things I wouldn’t be normally allowed to do in high school,” such as “make my own schedule for classes, get employed, and live apart from my family.”

On the other hand, being a senior can also mean experiencing the last of every high school experience.

“The worst part is thinking of all the fun things that you will be doing for the last time,” admitted Rice. “For example, going to our last high school football game as a BPHS student, or going to my last homecoming dance.”

“To me personally, the worst thing about being a senior is that this is most likely the last time I was able to march with my younger sister Sophia,” Hernandez confessed sadly. “And the fact that I’ll never be able to march with my band family again, but they will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Sisters in their Entertainment Corps uniforms.

Another negative of being a senior is the expenses that come attached with senior year. Cap and gown, dance tickets, dresses, suits, and Grad Nite tickets are only some on the list of expenses. Different seniors who are in different activities and clubs may have additional expenses to pay for also.

Rodriguez, for example, speaks about college application fees as being one of many on her own list of her expenses. She said, “I know it’s for our future but, my goodness, they shouldn’t charge so much — not all of us have jobs!”

No matter how one looks at it, the transition into senior year is inevitable. There will be good things to look forward to and bad things to dread. However, one must remember that time waits for no one, and this includes the time one spends during senior year. Senior Jesus Flores says it best in his words of advice for underclassmen:

“There’s nothing like being in high school, so we have to cherish our time in it.”

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