Raindrops Keep Fallin’ . . .


Lately California has experienced multiple rainy days, but what is there to do when one is rained in?

Some may say the rain makes it too cold to do anything. Cyrus Rodriguez enjoys the cold weather but his activities are done inside. Rodriguez said, “On rainy days I like to watch movies in my room and eat. “Rainy days bring a certain mood, it creates a sense of relaxation or laziness.

Jesus Aguilar really believes that rainy days equal lazy days, as he said, “I just like to be warm and relax, basically be lazy and cozy.”

On other the hand, Vanessa Soriano feels rainy days are the worst since it is so hard to keep dry and warm. She stated, “I don’t like rainy days because its a hassle from picking out clothes to wear to staying dry.” The activities are limited and most people that the best thing to do is staying home and being comfortable. Soriano said, “My favorite thing to do is to sleep.”

One certain positive about the rain is how it is helping California recover from a drought. Rafael Lucatero agreed that California needs the rain, as he said, “Rainy days are great because we’re in a drought.”

Rainy days might keep us from doing a lot of activities, but they also bring time to cuddle up and watch movies or wrap yourself up in many blankets to sleep. A popular recommendation is that people get comfy in bed and buy some food to enjoy a nice movie.


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