Braves Torn by the Wildcats, 1-0


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On January 10, the Lady Braves Varsity Soccer Team took on the Wilson Wildcats for their first league game at the BPHS stadium. As the lights of the stadium went out and the ref’s whistle signaled the end of the match, the Wildcats took home a 1-0 victory.

“The team seemed to be out of sync and were not talking to each other as teammates should, and while our defense performed very well, it unfortunately wasn’t enough to win the game,” observed soccer player and fanatic Axel Bustamante.

The Lady Braves’ strong defense was significant in the first half. However, the girls’ aggressive defense could not make up for their struggling offense. Wilson managed to steal the ball and score the first goal of the game early in the first half, bringing the score to 1-0. The Wildcats then tried for another goal which was blocked by the Braves’ alert goalie, Brianna Valencia.

A shift occurred in the ladies’ offense after their opponents took the lead. The players abandoned the short, rushed passes that had previously caused them to trip over their own feet and allowed Wilson to steal the ball. Instead, the girls began to execute longer, cleaner passes. This change in their strategy allowed them to get close enough to attempt a goal, which despite being close, was unsuccessful. The Braves gained a free kick, but were blocked by the Wilson’s goalie.

As the first half neared its end, the ball switched hands multiple times. Wilson ended with the ball, but a hard kick as they neared their goal caused the ball to go out. The ladies regained the ball and managed to get it close to their goal before the Wilson girls kicked it out, once again, in their attempt to intercept it. The first half ended with a Wilson lead, 1-0.

The second half began with Wilson attempting a goal, which was too slow and easily blocked by the Lady Braves’ goalie. After this, the ball constantly went back and forth with neither team getting close enough to their goal to attempt to score. BP’s short, frantic passes reappeared, again allowing Wilson to intercept the ball. Both Samantha Vega and Allison Pimentel covered significant distances with possession of the ball, only to be stopped by Wilson’s persistent defense. Near the end of the second half the stadium lights completely went out, shocking and disappointing the fans and players alike. The game then effectively ended at 1-0, a Wildcat win.

“We did good. We did pretty good, it’s just, we got sloppy towards the end,” commented goalie Valencia. “It was just our first league game and we were all nervous. We’ll do good next game.”

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