Finals Week Equals Stress


Winter Break is so close; however, with finals many students are stressing out.

Senior Richard Perez said, “Finals week has its ups and downs. The ups are getting the scores you wanted and the downs are the amount of sleep you lose.”

Catching up on sleep is definitely an important “must do” during the break. Furthermore, a lot of students feel pressure because it is their last chance to impress colleges. Senior Mekenna Hernadez is relieved that the break is fast approaching, as she believes there is more pressure for seniors because “It’s a last chance to impress potential colleges.”

Cyrus Rodriguez, took a different approach than most students because he took Apex to graduate early with the 2017 class. Cyrus described his experience with Apex as very simple and easy. He said, “After every class you take you have a final at the very end of them. They usually range between 20-35 multiple choice questions.” Also, for every final through Apex you get one retry and Apex does not allow scores below 60%.

Students that study for their finals gain confidence. Senior Jesus Aguilar explained that he was nervous for his finals. He stated, “At first I was really nervous, but then I tried to study to gain some confidence and I hope that it pays off. ” On the other hand, students may just be trying to survive the last week. Senior Rafael Lucatero said, ” I will feel relieved when the bell rings at 12:30 Wednesday 12/21/16.”

Then there are the students who study the night before. Junior Frank Pena said his did not find studying last minute useful. He said, “It was a struggle studying the day before, staying up til one.”

The end of finals week brings the beginning of relaxation, for students to enjoy the break with their families and finally catch up on some sleep.



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