Braves Tame the Lions


Photographed by Kevin Lam

BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Tuesday, December 13, Baldwin Park’s Varsity Boys’ Soccer team won against the El Monte Lions on home territory with a score of 3-2.

“I felt like it was a great game against a good opponent,” admitted senior Jason Cabrera, “but in the end, we broke them down and didn’t give up, which resulted in a win.”

El Monte didn’t show many signs of aggressiveness at the start of the game. The Lions started off with the ball in their possession and mainly kept it on their half of the field.

The Braves were carded for a penalty, which allowed El Monte a chance at a free kick. The Lions used this opportunity to their advantage and made the first goal of the night against the Braves. From that moment on, the Braves doubled their efforts and had a few close calls in making goals.

The first Brave goal was made by Jason Cabrera, who made it past El Monte’s strong defense. The score then evened out with a tie between the two teams.

As half time quickly approached, the teams struggled to maintain control of the ball. The Lions got another chance at a free kick; however, their efforts to score a goal were futile when the Braves managed to get the ball to their half of the field. With time to spare, Angel Cardenas made the Braves’ second goal of the night, bringing the score up 2-1 before the first half ended.

Entering the second half, the Braves were more aggressive. They were in possession of the ball during most of the second half. Despite the lead the Braves created in the first half, the Lions did not seemed worried and kept a strong defense against the Braves.

However, the Braves broke through when Cardenas scored his second goal of the night and furthered the Braves’ lead, 3-1. Later on, after a small in-game injury, Juan Cortez received a yellow and later a red card before the game ended. Seconds before the game ended, the Lions made their second and final goal, bringing the score to a final 3-2 in a victory for the Braves.

“We did good overall to get the win, but we have to improve our mistakes,” said goalie Juventino Magana.

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