A Blue Day in LA:

Dodgers Disappointment

IMG_0654_3KershawNick Gutierrez
The Los Angeles Dodgers were eliminated in Game 5 of the National League Division Series Thursday night against the New York Mets. They lost 3-2 after a homerun by Mets’ Daniel Murphy and poor offense against the Mets right handed rookie Jacob deGrom, who has a 1.38 ERA against the Dodgers.

This series was especially difficult due to the offense that the Mets infielder Daniel Murphy provided hitting three home runs in this series. Although the Dodgers put up a fight, in the end it wasn’t enough and their season was cut short once again.

The Dodgers finished their 162 game season with a record of 92-70 and finished in first place in the National League West Division, despite the injuries various players suffered. This year the Dodgers did really well with what could be considered the best “1-2 punch” in the league, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke.

Kershaw had a “rough start” because he was 2-3 with a 4.32 ERA at the end of May. Many doubted whether or not his career of being known as the best pitcher in baseball was over. However, he later proved doubters wrong and dominated in the end of the regular season going 16-7 with a 2.13 ERA and over 300 strikeouts. This season Kershaw overcame his largest obstacle, he pitched the 7th inning in a postseason game and didn’t give up any runs in that inning. This was a problem for Kershaw in past years during the post season. He is 2-6 with a 4.39 ERA in the playoffs with only one of those wins from 2013 and one from this 2015 postseason. The 7th inning had always been an issue and it was a bittersweet moment for him to successfully overcome this problem. With only three days’ rest he gave up one run against the Mets in Game 4, which was an elimination game for the Dodgers.

The other Dodger pitcher, Greinke, this year was considered the most dominant between the two pitchers. Within the first two months he went 5-1 with a 1.48 ERA. He ended the season with a 1.66 ERA and went 19-6, probably the best of season of his career. Even with two of the best pitchers in baseball, the Dodgers couldn’t succeed in passing the Mets in the first round to face the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series.

The Dodgers are a team that has gone through tough times and again are setting their goal to win the World Series. This off season, team members will improve upon their mistakes made this 2015 season and the front office will be re-evaluating anything that needs to be fixed and will especially work on building a team that is meant to win a World Series Championship.

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