The Warmth of Hot Chocolate


‘Tis the season for hot chocolate to warm up our bodies, but what’s the best hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate brings many emotions to different people during the holiday season. Senior Angie Pop stated that her favorite hot chocolate is the Nestle Rich Chocolate brand. She describes the taste as, “It’s a burning sensation when it makes contact with your tongue but once it slips down your throat, it’s sweet and delicious.”

There are many hot chocolates, and another favorite is Abuelita. Abuelita is a part of the Nestle company, but provides a different taste. Senior Josue Rosas describes Abuelita as, “Sweet and warm, it tastes like what I imagine a hug would taste like.” This taste resembles what the holidays are all about because it gives the warm feeling. One’s favorite holiday drink may come from heritage, as senior Rafael Lucatero stated, “Abuelita and because it’s what all Mexicans drink.”

Senior Ann Mariel Pacada  loves hot chocolate and all the emotions that it brings with every sip. She describes her favorite hot chocolate as Milo, “Milo has a taste that reminds me of a chocolate milkshake…I really love Milo hot chocolate because I grew up drinking it, and it reminds me so much of my childhood.”

There is no argument that hot chocolate is the best holiday drink. Hot chocolate brings many emotions that allow people to connect with their childhood and family.


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