Seriously Ambitious Student


BALDWIN PARK, CA — As a senior, Jorge Aparicio has more than enough on his plate, with maintaining good grades, applying to colleges, and being an athlete. However, none of these duties keep him from running his club, SAS (Serious About Science) Club.

“Serious About Science is a club built to encourage students to learn more about the various branches of science while also giving them the opportunity to compete academically and represent our school,” detailed Jorge.

Jorge created the club during the second half of his sophomore year in hopes of finding Braves who are interested in competing in the annual Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad. This year, the Science Olympiad will be held in late January. Current members of SAS, however, have been working hard since the beginning of the club to prepare for this big event.

“Currently, SAS members are working on their individual events two hours a week in preparation for a Science Olympiad invitational in late January as well as the county competition in early March,” explained Jorge.

Since he hopes to compete in these events this upcoming new year, Jorge needs to study his own topics and events in order to prepare. Some of his topics include rocks and minerals and remote sensing while his events include creating a robot arm and building a tower.

As president of SAS, Jorge is in charge of checking in with members to discuss progress and any issues they might have with their events. He offers help and support any way he can to make sure his members get their jobs done efficiently. Also, Jorge is in charge of managing club funds and organizing events and goals. On top of all of this, Jorge is also a member of National Honor Society, Adelante Young Men, Divide and Conquer, and Humanitarian Club.

The creation of a new club is a stressful process, but Jorge finds the experience easier with the help of his board, which includes Luis Flores, Ann Mariel Pacada, Jason Cabrera, and Cynthia Flores. Their advisor Mr. Johansen has also worked hard to provide a meeting place and guidance during their meetings. Despite the stress, Jorge is able to find his silver linings in his experience as SAS’s founder and president.

After winning a bridge-building competition.

“I enjoy the aspect of being the creator and the president because I’m figuring out how to run this club on my own without a precedent to follow,” admitted Jorge, “which allows me to flesh out my ideas as I like, which isn’t something I get in other clubs.”

Jorge also reveals the “double edged sword” that also comes with his leadership.

“However, this also comes with the aspect of added stress and extra time and effort needed to plan these things and figure out how I can improve things where possible all the time,” Jorge continued.

Yet, soon enough, Jorge will have to pass down these responsibilities to the underclassmen after he graduates. He expressed his desire for future SAS members to be able to create more effective teams in the years to come and for possible district aid for competitions.

“Moreover, once the club is more established, I’d hope for the club to receive some district funding to lessen the burden on club members to have to fundraise and/or have to pay for everything because the club does come with a lot of expenses,” Jorge stated.

As the upcoming competitions approach, Jorge will be working harder than ever to further the club and its members. This year may be his last in high school, but what he has created will fortunately last a while for the science enthusiasts found in BPHS.

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