Singing Around the World



BALDWIN PARK, CA–On November 8th , the Baldwin Park High School Choir held its annual concert at the PAC. The theme for their song choices was We are the World, which seemed fairly appropriate considering all of the protests and riots we have seen following the recent election.

Lisa Nguyen described what the concert meant to her saying, “Honestly it was very fun being onstage with my friends. It took a long time to prepare, but it was worth it, seeing the audience laughing, crying, and swaying with the music.”

All songs that were performed were from various countries and were sung in various languages,  including French, Spanish, and Polish. The concert started with all combined choirs singing Siyahamba, a song from South Africa and We are The World. Then the Women’s Choir took over as the rest of the choirs left the stage. The Women’s Choir had scarves that they fixed after every song to better fit the way the women wear it in that country. They sang songs from Russia, Israel, Broadway, Mexico, and Brazil.

The Braves choir, or the men’s choir, sang a well known song by The Cure called Love Song. With their shuffles and hand gestures, the song created a sad mood in the audience. They continued with others songs from Italy and French Canada.

The concert provided different variety of songs and each song sent a message that really touched the audience. Near the end of the concert the choir performed Prayer of the Children by Yugoslavia. The speakers were Sergio Aquino, Gregorio Arias, and Brianna Ibarra. This song seemed to touch everyone, since it was prayer for all children.

Performing The Lord Bless You and Keep You at the end of every concert is tradition for the Baldwin Park High School Choir. The chamber choir surrounds the audience as they invite Baldwin Park High School choir alumni to join them for the final song.

All choirs performed beautifully and their work throughout the first three months of school paid off. The concert ended and the crowded cheered and clapped for the performers.

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