Braves Tie With Crosstown Rivals


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Tuesday, December 6, Baldwin Park High School’s Varsity Boys’ Soccer tied with the Sierra Vista Dons at a home game, 1-1.

“Overall, it was a great game. It’s always a good rival to play against Sierra Vista,” commented Coach Mira at the end of the game. “Clean, strong game. Missed opportunities and that’s basically the situation.”

At the beginning of the game, the atmosphere was intense. It was the first time the boys’ soccer team would play against SV. Baldwin Park was eager for a win. The ball was in the Braves’ possession until one of the Braves made an own goal and gave the Dons the first point of the game. Essentially, the Dons were more aggressive than the Braves during the first half. The Braves had many more opportunities to score but weren’t successful.

During the second half of the match, both the Braves and the Dons were re-energized and played aggressively. Both teams had about equal possession of the ball, but the Dons tended to be more aggressive when the ball was in their possession. The Braves had many chances to score during the second half. They finally put themselves on the scoreboard when Bryan Zuniga scored and brought the score to a tie, 1-1. This score pumped the Braves up and they became even more aggressive. This aggressiveness resulted in a few big injuries throughout the second half. Jose Acosta found himself with a bloody nose after a Don elbowed his face near the end of the game, while Jesus Flores hurt his throat after a ball hit it in his attempt to pass with a header. At the end of second half, both teams were unable to score further, leaving the final score as 1-1.

“We dominated but sometimes, the dominating team doesn’t get the goals in, but we took the tie,” explained captain Flores.

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