Braves Go Full On Game Mode


BALDWIN PARK, CA– Been playing games all day? Frustrated from playing 8-Ball, Knockoff, or Word Hunt? The Game Pigeon games have taken over the BPHS campus, with students constantly having their heads buried as they walk.

“I feel like the update has brought students together in a way. I find myself playing with students I’ve never formally met and that goes to show how technology can bring people together,” Alessandro Bryden, BPHS senior, indicated. “Personally, I play 9-Ball everyday in class, at lunch, and at home. In the end it’s only bragging rights, but this update is a good way for students to interact.”

Ever since the iOS 10 update on Apple devices, Game Pigeon has gotten popular among teens and young adults. The games are played on iMessage, texting for iPhones and iPods. The update has expanded the amount of activities an individual can do on iMessage. Now, students on campus have put aside Twitter momentarily and started talking less to their peers in favor of playing these fun games. The only thing needed to play is to download the Game Pigeon app after installing iOS 10.

Game Pigeon games include the 8-Ball, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Knockout, Tanks, Checkers, Poker, Four in a Row, Word Hunt, Dots and Boxes, Gomoku, 20 Questions, 9-Ball, and more. The most popular game is 8-Ball, a virtual way of playing billiard. The main point is to pull the lever for the stick at the side of the phone, just like a real-life billiard game. A player’s goal is to put in either all the solid or striped balls, ending with the 8-Ball. The game assists the player by giving the aiming lines to guide to the hole, unless it’s on hard mode. Although billiards has been around for awhile, it wasn’t until the Game Pigeon games that it became an overnight sensation.

Games such as Knockout, Sea Battle, Checkers, and Four in a Row require players to wait for each other’s turn. While one player plays, another awaits, anticipating. This is the downside. If one player were busy and didn’t reply for a few hours, the game would be paused and it would resume once the player is back.

“Integrating games into text messaging has definitely made messaging more fun,” Mariel Pacada, BPHS senior, expressed. “I think it’s a fun way to break the ice with friends you haven’t talk to for a while or friends you don’t see everyday. And I don’t think we’re becoming less social. We’re just revolutionizing the way we socialize.”

Just like Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, and Pokemon Go, these games on the Game Pigeon app produce and maintain a mass audience. It serves as a catalyst for new generations. Will the hype be over soon? Game Pigeon will one day reach its peak, but only time will tell.

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