Biden + Obama


The White House

The bromance between President Obama and his VP, Joe Biden, has been a source of comedy and admiration on the internet for years. With Obama’s second term coming to an end and the recent election of Donald Trump, Twitter has exploded with a brand new wave of Biden memes.

“They’re funny and they make my day, occasionally,” said senior and active Twitter user Rudy Salas.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama have always been side-by-side and have become a “dream team” of sorts, even posting pictures of their friendship bracelets on Twitter. Twitter users constantly hype them up, penning them “bestfriend goals” and one of the coolest duos to reside in the White House.

Because of this, memes involving Biden and his BFF Obama have been around for a bit. However, recently, they’ve taken a turn beyond jokes poking fun at Biden’s unyielding loyalty to our president. The memes now target Biden’s not-so-subtle disapproval of the president-elect and his denial that he and his buddy will soon have to leave the White House.

For the most part, the jokes are part of a wave of “wholesome memes”, which are lighthearted and sweet as opposed to the crude humor that can be found on the internet. They depict Biden as humorous and childish with Obama trying his best to keep him in check.

One of the earliest election-based memes was Biden begging Obama not to leave him behind and the president reminding him that if he leaves, Biden comes with him (to Biden’s relief). Once Trump was named the winner of the 2016 election, the memes focused on Biden’s refusal to accept the end of Obama’s administration and to leave the White House. They illustrate an enthusiastic Biden telling Obama that they should set Home Alone inspired booby traps, leave a fake birth certificate in the Oval Office, and get bunk beds.

The genuine friendship between the heads of the executive branch and the jokes that have resulted from it have provided some much needed comic relief during this year’s tumultuous election.

“The Joe Biden memes add some comedic relief to the election, what many people see as a disaster,” commented Fernanda Garcia.

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