Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong

The NFL has not disappointed this season with many surprises. Young teams are showing their potential and proving winning capability. Furthermore, there have been thrilling games caused by the extra point moving back.

The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the biggest surprises of the season. They have been capable of winning games with rookie sensations Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. Their 11-1 record is the best in the NFL. The Cowboys have faced controversy as their franchise quarterback, Tony Romo, got hurt during the preseason and had to miss nine games. The controversy came when the Cowboys were amazed by the outstanding play by Dak Prescott and chose to keep him as the starting quarterback. Also, the Cowboys owe their offensive line all the credit because they have been the best in the NFL. Their O-Line consist of four pro-bowlers, with Tyron Smith leading the way as many will say he is the best offensive tackle in the league. Ezekiel Elliott was the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft this year. He has exceeded the expectations for the Cowboys. Elliott is leading the NFL in rushing yards with nearly 1,200 yards.

The AFC has two teams leading with 10-2 records; the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots.

The surprises continue as the young Oakland Raiders are finding their way as they continue to rattle off wins. The Raiders are led by their young gunslinger Derek Carr. Carr has been putting his team on his back with comeback wins being their theme this season. The Raiders are on a six game winning streak, their first six game winning streak since 2002. Many did not expect this much success because they’re in the same division as the defending SuperBowl champions the Denver Broncos.

The New England Patriots are continuing their dominance as they have their 16th straight winning season. Tom Brady is leading the team; with a chip on his shoulder because he was suspended the first four games for deflating footballs. Since returning Tom Brady is second in the league in QBR; OBR is a measurement of how good a quarterback plays on a scale from 1-100 and first in touchdown -to- interception ratio. However, down the stretch the Patriots might face difficulties on the defensive side because they possibly traded away their best player, Jamie Collins, to the Cleveland Browns.

The competition is high this year with many missed field goals. Week 11 in the NFL recorded a high in NFL history with 11 missed extra points. This has been going on throughout the season and has led to close games and overtime finishes. Also, the NFL experienced two ties this season, which is an NFL record as well. Now it is time to wait for the exciting playoffs this year.

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