Say Cheese for the Last Time


Seniors, it’s time to get a haircut, shave, and make your makeup appointments because it is time for senior portraits on November 14-18.

Senior portraits will be a lasting memory for you and your parents. You get  to dress up and see how much you’ve changed from freshman year. Senior Ann Mariel Pasada said “I think taking senior portraits is important. It gives you something to look back on and remember memories from senior year.”

The prices this year vary from $25-$83 and each deal offers something different. The $25 is the basic picture for the yearbook. However, the $83 allowed multiple poses that includes a change of clothes and cap and gown. “I think the prices are alright,” stated senior Josue Rosas and continued to say, “I picked the $38 one because I want my senior panoramic photo as well.”

Many Brave students are looking to dressing nicely and showing their fashion sense. Fellow senior Erik Garcia said he plans to dress fancily. He said, “I plan on dressing up in a nice shirt and tie with a coat.” Camila Rodriguez stated she was not nervous about taking the pictures but still wanted a nice dress. She said,“I was wearing a dress of a mocha color that I had bought  from Forever 21 from the local mall.”

Senior portraits are a main part of senior year and allow students to look back on many great memories they made during their time at Baldwin Park High School.

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