Four Times the Heroes, Four Times the Nights


Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and the list goes on. The DC superheroes were based on the DC Comics founded in 1934 and became a sensations after the release of their series and movies. Despite everyone’s popularity, the Flash never really got recognized until the CW channel released a series on channel 5, airing every Tuesday from 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. On the CW channel, Supergirl comes on Monday, the Flash on Tuesday, the Arrow on Wednesday, and the Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday to end the week. Already at the height of season 3, the Flash, along with the other superhero series on CW, had a 4 night crossover from November 28 to December 1. All the characters united forces to stop alien domination, something they’ve never encountered.

“Last year we did two shows… this year we went to three shows,” said Marc Guggenheim, a CW executive producer. “We all collectively wanted the superheroes to face an external threat…a threat that came from outside of the shows.”

The Supergirl series is the newest addition to the CW superheroes, after being bought from CBS. The 4 night crossover started with Supergirl, but viewers were more disappointed than excited. There was almost no feature of other superheroes, due to the producers not wanting the crossover to ruin the plot that was already happening. Set in National City, a virus bomb called Medusa was released to kill every alien except the Kryptonians (Supergirl’s people). Medusa was made by her parents to fully protect their planet from harm. These evil aliens trying to expose the bomb were called the Dominators. As always, Supergirl saved the day with the help of her friends. Thinking the danger was over, the Flash appeared during the last two minutes of the episode and asked for her help to defeat their nemesis, the Dominators. They had gotten away to attack Central City, his hometown.img_0604

The Flash came on Tuesday, with one of the best episodes of season 3. In this episode, he brings everyone together, joining forces to stop the Dominators. Everyone meets each other, sketches out the plan, and each superhero’s power is showed off. Unfortunately, the Dominators end up winning by using mind control to control all of the heroes including Supergirl, who is always undefeatable. Every superhero was mind controlled except for Green Arrow and Flash. The Flash uses his speed to outnumber the aliens and set things back to normal. They Dominators leave, but the President of United States is captured, putting the responsibility in all of their hands.

On Wednesday, the Green Arrow had his spotlight in his hometown, Star City. It was also very exciting because it was the 100th episode of the series. In the climax of the 4 night crossover, every superhero was abducted by Dominators and locked away in their UFO spaceship, except for the Flash. The aliens put them into a coffin-like bed, using them as an experiment. Superheroes like the Green Arrow, the Atom, and White Canary were put to sleep. In their dreams, they’re not who they are. In this life, the Green Arrow isn’t who he is, he’s just a wealthy man from a company. The kidnapped superheros successfully find a way out and leave the Dominators behind. However, they were coming back and the world was going to be wiped out by a nuclear bomb.

The very last episode of the crossover ended with the Legends of Tomorrow. This episode was infested with aliens. Time traveling was involved, more UFO’s, and more action. There was some drama and disagreements within the entire group, but they didn’t leave anyone behind. Flashpoint was a term used when the Flash went back in time to save his mother; however, that messed up the time continuum, either positively or negatively affecting everyone’s life. Flashpoint was the reason why the Dominators came to earth, everything in the past had changed, breaking the truce between the CW superheroes and aliens. With teamwork, the superheroes united their superpowers to kill the aliens and break the bomb. The Dominators went back to their planet and things ended right, even with the concept of flashpoint. The superheroes said their goodbyes and split their ways into their own city or universe, hopefully meeting each other again one day.img_0589

Jorge Aparicio, BPHS senior, has continued to be a devoted fan of DC and Marvel superheroes. “I have always liked comic book super heroes even if I’ve never read any myself,” Jorge explained. “I’ve watched Arrow before the Flash even came out and I liked it, so I’ve always watched it from there.”

Like one gigantic episode, the 4 night crossover event allowed superhero fanatics to unite and watch all the series together. When CW does more spectacular “crossovers”, the amount of viewers increase and the fandom becomes stronger.

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