Jumping on the Sushi Express


BALDWIN  PARK,CA–Sushi itself is a well liked food and there are many fancy restaurants that sell expensive sushi. That makes one wonder whether or not the same taste and quality can be provided by a fast food place. Tokyo Express is a fast food sushi restaurant located by the Home Depot in Baldwin Park.

Tokyo Express looks like your typical fast food restaurant with no menus, but a big sign with everything they sell. They sell various sushi rolls, udon, boxes and many combination plates. On this particular day, it seemed to have been a very slow since there was only one other customer there and the place seemed very quiet. They took the order and proceed to make it without another word.

A lot of the rolls and plates were $5.00 and up, which is cheap for sushi. P&G’s, located in Baldwin Park too, has $8.00 sushi.

It took about 15 minutes for the Crazy California sushi roll to be ready and the plating of it was disappointing. It came in a foam to-go box and the rolls were just spread out in the box. The sushi roll did not come on actual plates, like it was shown in Yelp pictures, nor was it arranged in a single roll.

Although the plating was very dull, the taste was what ultimately decided whether the restaurant was good or not. The sushi rolls were drizzled with soy sauce and dressing. The tempura on the outside was very tasty and it was quite crunchy. Inside, however, the taste was very bland. There was no real taste to it besides the sauce outside.

Overall, with the pricing and the taste, it was not the best sushi experience. I would give it a 2.5 out of 5, a 2 because of the cheap price and the .5 because of the taste.

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