Southern California “Winter Wonderland”


BALDWIN PARK, CA– Those days have arrived where you’ll pick out your outfit of the day, an oversized sweater and big fuzzy boots to survive the morning cold, and suddenly feel like a baked potato in the afternoon. At Baldwin Park High School, this time of the year is normal. Some students have been waiting for the rain and snow to hit, while others patiently wait for the sunshine.sdfgnm

In Southern California, 50° is freezing. It feels like the Arctic and you can’t believe there are places in the world that are much colder. Despite the chilly weather, BPHS senior Victoria Jung will forever wear shorts. In her entire high school career, she has only worn pants for nine days. She’s worn jeans for a bet and a few times for presentations.

“I love this weather and wearing shorts in it and everyone thinks I’m crazy,” Victoria laughs. “ This weather is perfect only if it were a little colder. I might even wear pants if it snows.”

This November, following the day of daylight savings, the city of Baldwin Park has gotten much lower temperatures, affecting almost everyone. Those in zero period can arrive at school later but feel like they’re waking up earlier. Those in fall and winter sports end their practices when the sun is setting, even though it’s only 5 o’clock. Just like the time change, this seasonal change will soon adjust into our normal schedules.

BPHS senior Vanessa Soriano is known as the “chancla queen”, given the nickname from her peers, due to her devoted love for them. Vanessa has always worn sandals, from comfortable to stylish. The only time she wears actual toe-covered shoes is on rainy days.asdfgh

“This cold weather affects me because I have to dig through my closet to find my winter clothes,” she said. “I know this ‘winter’ won’t last because the temperature will probably go up to 90° next week.” Most of the time she’ll still wear sandals, with socks of course.

Many BPHS students complain about the weather on popular sites such as Twitter. Having to wake up from their cozy and warm beds is such a struggle. Others have to double layer their sweaters. Although this weather might be a sudden and unwanted change, Southern California’s had enough sunlight and heat from the summer and the beginning of fall. Winter is inevitable, the air is crisp and it feels better to breathe in. However, some just live in summertime forever.

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