A Field of Red, White, and Blue


COVINA, CA– From November 5 to November 13, the fifth annual Field of Valor was held at Sierra Vista Intermediate Middle School. The field was open to the public from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM each day. School field trips were also held throughout the day.

Kasin Lau, a West Covina High School student, shared her reasons for spending her day at the event. “Volunteering [at Field of Valor] gave me an opportunity to notice how much these veterans had sacrificed for our freedom,” she explained. “My friends and I decided to go around and share what we saw from each flag and share with each other.”

On Friday, November 11, many more people visited the school to pay their respects on Veterans Day, honoring those who served.Around 10:30 AM, a Veterans Day ceremonies commerced followed by a military flyover. The Covina Police Department Color Guard was present and Sierra Vista Middle School’s band performed.yoo

Field of Valor was a true community event. Its success was due to the collaboration of all the service groups, professionals, and citizens of the San Gabriel Valley. Everyone took their time to enjoy the field and read the stories attached to each flag, one for every veteran. A yellow ribbon represented a current serving man or woman, and the black ribbon represented a deceased person. There were also 26 historical flags out on the field. Each one had a corresponding note attached. The center of the field going north and south were reserved for the Medal of Honor recipients, mostly from California. Visitors could read each person’s stories of bravery, sacrifice, and valor.

The event was solely a tribute and reminder of the sacrifices made by the military so everyone can appreciate their freedom and safety in this country. Sierra Vista Middle School was quiet and peaceful, as it was a place of respect. Patriotic songs played as families and friends explored the field. Visitors were also encouraged to bring any blankets, warm clothes, or toiletries to help out the homeless population. Last year, $80,000 were raised for those on active duty and veterans. Field of Valor is 100% a volunteer project. Any student or visitor shouldn’t be glad just because a day of school is taken off, but should realize the impact of the veterans that served our country and feel thankful.yooo

Key Club, Rotary Club, and other organizations of West Covina were also present. Kasin was only one of the many students who helped set up the two-thousand flags on the grass. “I volunteered because it sort of gave me a chance to return the service to those that serve the country and/or sacrificed their lives for future generations,” she said.

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