A Fair of a Time


BALDWIN PARK, CA– It is Baldwin Park’s 60th anniversary and a special year like that cannot go by without a little fun. Baldwin Park had a mini fair, full of rides and game stands, on November 3 through November 6 at Morgan Park.

The fair was filled with families and their young children running around and looking at all the game booths and rides. Even on the last day, the fair wasimg_3612 still buzzing with life.

When asked about her thoughts of the fair, Baldwin Park High School student, Sarai Espinoza shared, “The fair seems cool, but I don’t like the pricing of it.”

The price for admission for people of 13 years or older was two dollars; however, each ride had to be paid for individually each time it was ridden. So for the admission and rides it would be more than three dollars , depending on how many rides and the number of times one rode them.

img_3648For people like Sarai Espinoza who have been to other fairs around the LA area, the price is too much. For example, at the fair at Whittier Narrows in El Monte, held every year both in March and November, people are only charged an admission fee of $7-10 . No other fees for rides are required.

Despite the price, people attended the fair throughout all four days that it was in town. There was even a fairly long wait line to buy both admission tickets and ride tickets. Beyond the fences that shield the fair from the rest of the park, there were almost no people, Morgan Park is usually filled with children and families , especially on Sundays; however, there was almost no one there because of the fair.

A lot of the rides were the typical ones, like the Twist and Shout, the Zipper, and the Merry-Go-Round. They all brightly lit the park and encouraged people passing by to go in.

This fair is likely to come back soon, however not in honor of the 60th anniversary. Make sure to check it out when it is back in town.


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