Braves Blessed by the Saints


SAN DIMAS, CALIFORNIA– On October 5th, the Braves’ water polo team  went against one of the most challenging schools in their league at San Dimas High School. Although they worked very hard, the Braves were unable to pull out a victory, with a score of 14 to 2.

unoSophomore Joel Rangel, commented, “Our defense has been improving a lot and is way better now and now we just need to work on offense.”

In the first quarter, the Saints started off winning by swimming aggressively. They made one goal within the first thirty seconds. The Braves’ defense was weak as the Saints continued to attack their formations. Afterwards, Jacob Robles attempted to shoot, but missed the goal. As time went on, the Saints made one shot after another. Then Braves took a timeout to set their game back on track. The Braves tried to keep the Saints out of their half of the pool, but couldn’t. Isaiah Rangel passed the ball to Brian Barragan, but missed just as the first quarter ended, 4 to 0.

One of the Braves’ biggest weaknesses in this game had to be their lack of communication. The Saints clearly didn’t experience this issue, as they yelled to each other. Rangel and Robles entered the opponent’s zone, but could not take the ball off their hands. The Saints utilized an effective strategy of calling a timeout right before their 6 on 5 because the Braves created a blockade to prevent the Saints from scoring. Rudy Munoz attempted to score with the help of his teammates, but was overall unsuccessful. When the Saints tried to score on the Brave’s side, BPHS goalie Casey Booker successfully blocked it. The Saints threw the ball across the pool and dumped it into the gutter many times whenever the shot clock got dangerously low, making a Brave tire out from going to get the ball for the next shot clock. Jacob Escobedo also tried to shoot, but the Saints kept blocking. As Brian Hung threw the ball across the pool, aiming for the goal, the second quarter ended, 8 to 0 with the Saints in the lead.

At the second half, the teams switched sides. The cheers coming from people who came to support their Saints got louder, as they got more excited. The Braves continued to fail to score due to their anxiety. Oscar Barragan pushed through the enemy zone and successfully scored to make the score 9 to 1. In comparison to the rowdy Saints, it seemed as though the Braves weren’t communicating at all. In a spur of the moment, Rangel was suddenly racing across the pool with the ball in his possession, and before the Saints’ goalie could react, he had scored another goal for the Braves.The opponents kept scoring until the bell rang, with the Braves trailing, 11 to 2.dos

In the fourth quarter, Barragan attempted to score, but hit the outer rim. Robles then swam full speed to make a goal, but the ball was stolen away by the imposing Saints. Rangel tried to score as well, but it was blocked just in time. While the Saints had a timeout, the Braves regrouped and tried to pump themselves up for the last few minutes of the game. In the end however, the Braves were unsuccessful in getting more goals, or keeping the Saints from scoring. The quarter ended, leading the Saints to victory, 14 to 2.

Oscar Barragan, a junior on the team, commented, “I felt pretty good because our coach told us we did pretty good on defense, and that we actually improved overall. But I think that if we cut our mistakes and actually did more of what he told us to do, we could have scored more.”

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