Tuning in with Michelle Del Toro


Michelle Del Toro is the orchestra president at Baldwin Park High School. She is currently a senior and is involved in many school activities that include the badminton team and Adelante Mujer Latina, Club. She has been a part of orchestra in high school for all four years but has been playing for the past eight years.

Michelle received great praise from fellow orchestra member, Karla Valenzuela, “I believe Michelle is a very strong leader with great communication skills in which gets all of us involved.”

Michelle Del Toro shared,“Being the president of orchestra involves a lot of responsibilities. I have to make sure that everyone in the orchestra committee is playing their part to help run the orchestra. I have to make sure that I make meetings that are reasonable for everyone from the committee to attend in order to discuss important topics involving fundraising, future field trips, banquet and etc.”

A lot of the job is making sure that everyone from both periods get informed about what events are coming up for the orchestra. For instance,the annual orchestra trip to Disneyland is often paid through fundraising and students have to be informed about what is being sold.

Michelle’s job also includes planning sales for school events, such as the Homecoming Club Rush and Back to School Night. Orchestra started the trend of selling boba during these schools events a few years back and since then, boba has become a popular item between clubs, so they began to sell meat and cheese quesadillas.

Michelle shared her thoughts on selling such a risky item.“When we sold our quesadillas for the first time during the Homecoming Club Rush, we were nervous that we were not going to be able to sell out or sell any really. We also were extremely terrified of the quesadillas tasting disgusting, but everyone seemed to love them.”

Michelle said orchestra is looking into a movie night where orchestra will play Christmas movies with a lot of food and drinks to raise money, which is much needed to help with their field trips and banquet.One of those field trips is the LA Philharmoinc that orchestra has attended for the past 2 years.

Michelle said, “Seeing the LA Philharmonic last year was such a great experience. It was amazing to see professional musicians play live right in front of our eyes.” Michelle hopes that this year, her orchestra class will be accepted to go once the applications open.

Orchestra will be putting on their annual Winter Concert on December 1st, so make sure to check them out.

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