A Bridge to Your Future

QuestBridge is a remarkable program for academically transcending high school students who come from low-income backgrounds. QuestBridge’s goal is to assist these exceptional students to achieve higher education at the nation’s best universities. This online website allows students to connect with colleges, scholarship contributors, programs, and job providers. QuestBridge aims to aid students who have overcome hurdles in their lives to achieve academic greatness.

“Because of QuestBridge, I was able to focus my college search on the non-financial aspects of college and eventually find the college that fit me best. Through QuestBridge, I discovered that attending a prestigious university could be financially feasible and even more affordable than an in-state public university,” said Megan Smith a 2011 National College Match Recipient from the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016.

QuestBridge’s main objective is to create leaders of the world who are well-rounded individuals from every economic standpoint. The program not only helps low-income students find a college but also assists them up until they receive their first job. According to the QuestBridge website, only three percent of the students who attend the country’s top 146 colleges and universities are from low-income backgrounds.

“America has an undiscovered population of talented low-income youth. Some of our brightest young minds are well-suited to opportunities but unconnected from simple lack of information, mentorship, and other surmountable barriers,” said Questbridge on their beliefs.

QuestBridge offers the National College Match, which was designed to help low-income students obtain admissions and scholarships. With the National College Match, a student can apply up to thirty-six colleges. The application process for this begins in August and the application itself is due at the end of September. One of our seniors Selina Han is using the National College Match to receive early admission.

QuestBridge also offers the College Prep Scholarship, which is designated for juniors. Through this, students can receive awards, scholarships to summer programs that are at leading colleges and a free visit to a college. The application for this program opens up in February and is due sometime in March; juniors do not want to miss this opportunity.

“Before QuestBridge, I was planning on attending a state university, somewhere within my price range. I wasn’t even considering any of QuestBridge’s partner schools. When I found out about QuestBridge, however, I realized that this was an opportunity for a better education, a better life, and I wasn’t about to give that up,” said Keya Teklu, a 2011 National College Match Recipient from Stanford University, Class of 2016.

QuestBridge reminds young low-income students that an outstanding college education is within their grasp.


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