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Here at Vanguard, writers are able to express themselves through their writing, all while immersing themselves in the school community.

Genesis De La Luz, a staff writer for Vanguard, commented, “The Vanguard is truly the best class I have right now. I have so much fun writing stories and going on little adventures to get everything I need for my story that week. That feeling one gets from publishing a story is truly rewarding.”afdrtgser

The staff for Vanguard is comprised of diverse individuals who come from different friend groups and grade levels on campus. Despite our differences, we all share an interest in informing our student body on the information going on in the world, or on campus, that they may not know about.

Writers choose topics that range from current world news to local food reviews on locations in our own city.

Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones by choosing topics they aren’t particularly familiar with. Furthermore, they are usually required to interview different groups on campus, whether they be students, teachers, or coaches.

”Vanguard is a great class that helps me improve my writing skills and allows me to think more creatively, as well as making amazing friends. I also get to become more involved in school wide activities,” exclaimed Shwe Nemyo, another staff writer for The Vanguard.

acdsfdI began my career with Vanguard when I had an extra option for an elective, but had no idea what to take. I spoke to my counselor, who questioned me on my interests. By the end of our conversation, she came to the conclusion that I would be a good fit for the class. I was hesitant it first, but when I transferred, I was immediately welcomed with open arms by Ms. Milnes. She was thrilled to learn that she would have another junior to carry on the Vanguard after the seniors, who made up the majority of the staff, graduated.

Since the day I transferred, I’ve had no regrets about joining the small, but personality-filled staff. I’ve made many new friends by going to events, learned how to take incredible photographs, and expanded my writing skills.

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