And This Is Your 45th


On Tuesday, November 8, Donald J. Trump became the official President-Elect of the United States of America.

According to CBS News, in an unexpected upset, Trump won a total of 289 electoral votes that pushed him over the 270 needed to take him to the White House. Conversely, Clinton trailed behind with a total of 218 votes.

Numbers were reported when the first polls closed at 3 P.M. Pacific Time. At the beginning, Trump had taken a slight lead that seemed to turn inconsequential as both candidates were soon neck to neck in the race.

Trump’s wave of support came mostly from the Midwest. Later in the evening, Trump also won Florida, after an extremely close match, and Pennsylvania, which has not gone Republican since 1988.

Clinton, who “has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time,” in the words of Trump, shown here at one of her initial rallies.

Clinton won most of her votes from the West Coast and New England. Her supporters at the Javits Center were a lot more subdued than the Trump supporters who were cheering with every new state won at Trump’s headquarters in New York.

At around 11 P.M. Pacific Time, Hillary’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, announced that there would be nothing more to say that night, implying that Clinton would not speak until all the counts were in the next morning.

However, shortly after, Trump pushed past 270 votes with the state of Pennsylvania and secured his role as the President-Elect of the United States of America.

The very next morning, the news drew a range of initial responses from people who followed the election closely.

“After seeing last night’s final results, my initial reaction was fear. Not only for myself, but for my friends and people in general who are categorized under Trump’s ‘hit list,’” confessed BPHS senior Paulina Avalos-Garcia.

“The results of this election made me feel devastated,” admitted BPHS junior Joshua Sanchez. “I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed. I began to cry because of what he stands for. Having to take in that this man would be our president saddened me.”

When asked about whether or not they believe there is a silver lining in these results, many individuals also had differing views.

“As for silver linings, I would say it’s too early to tell whether or not there’s a positive to his being elected,” said Eduardo Rodriguez, BPHS Senior.

“The only silver lining I could see is that Trump actually helps our country in some way, but I see it as highly unlikely,” commented Alyssa Ocaña, a junior at Bishop Amat High School and close follower of the presidential race.

“A major silver lining I see with this electoral result is the fact that so many people are uniting for a same cause,” explained Reyna Gaytan, a BPHS alumni and current student at the University of California, Riverside. “For example, after the results were announced, hundreds of students including myself, walked to the center of campus in a peaceful protest, just as many other universities did.”

Emotions are still running high immediately after this election. What Americans expect from President-Elect Trump and what he will be able to change in this country may not settle down until later on this year.

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