Fit for a King


King’s Drink is a boba and sushi joint on Ramona Blvd that opened in 2015. Although it’s been overshadowed by the popularity of Miss Tea, King’s Drink serves quality drinks and sushi.

img_1010King’s Drink sells icy slushies, milk teas, smoothies, mixed teas, juices, and fresh fruit juices. The drinks are reasonably priced. Prices range from $2.75 to $4.95 with the most expensive drink being the large fresh fruit juices. The food costs a bit more than the drinks. Customers can get fifteen cheese rolls, five California rolls, and a sixteen-ounce drink for just $6.99. Extra regular boba, popping boba of different flavors, and coffee or rainbow jelly can be added to any drink for only fifty cents. There is also a counter with prepackaged snacks and chips. The establishment is decorated with a beautiful purple painting, lights, and plenty of seating options for customers. It is kept very clean and the menu is mounted on the wall, making it easy for new customers to familiarize themselves with it. The warm atmosphere and welcoming smile of the cashier made for a pleasant experience.

The service was great, especially because there weren’t many customers. The cashier was very polite and gave me my drink quickly, especially img_1011considering she was working alone. She even gave me the extra smoothie she made in a separate cup.

I, personally, am not a big fan of sushi so I decided to play it safe and buy a mango smoothie which is what I usually get at any boba joint. The smoothie was creamy and well-made. It even seemed to be made with real fruit. It was definitely one of the best mango smoothies I’ve had from a boba place and was worth the $3.25 that I paid.

King’s Drink is definitely the underdog when it comes to boba places in Baldwin Park and its surrounding cities. However, if you are a fan of either the type of drinks they sell, don’t be so quick to dismiss the small business. The great thing about King’s Drink is its large menu, which can satisfy your sweet tooth or boba craving. Its variety of options and delicious smoothies earns King’s Drink a 4/5 from me.

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