Win or Go Home


WASHINGTON, D.C. – On October 10 the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Washington Nationals in critical Game 5. The Dodgers ultimately came out with the clutch victory, 4-3.

Emmanuel Perez, a baseball fan, stated, “Great game, the Dodgers provided some runs in order to secure the win against the Nats.”

Early in the game,  pitching dominated for both teams. The Dodgers starting pitcher, Rich Hill, only lasted 2 2/3 innings and gave up one earned run. This set up the Dodgers bullpen that has been carrying the Dodgers throughout the postseason.

Entering the 7th inning, the Nationals still led by one, 1-0. The Dodgers offense found its spark as Joc Perderson started the rally by swinging at the first pitch and launching it to left center for his first home run of the postseason. Carlos Ruiz came off the bench to pitch hit and drove in another run, 2-0. Justin Turner added to the inning by driving in another two runs, as he tripled to deep center. 4-1

In the bottom half of the 7th inning, the Nationals started fighting back. The Dodgers Grant Dayton was now pitching. However, Dayton did not last long as he gave up two hits and two earned runs, 4-3 This ultimately led to Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, to make a gutsy call when he decided to bring in Kenley Jansen, Jansen is the Dodgers’ closing pitcher. Jansen was pushed to his limits, he made 51 pitches, the most he has ever made during a single game. However, he did not give up any runs and had four strikeouts.

Heading into the 9th inning, Jansen was getting tired as he reached his max pitches. This lead to Dave Roberts making another courageous call, as he brought in Clayton Kershaw to close the game, needing two more outs to advance to the NLCS. Kershaw got the first batter, Daniel Murphy, to pop up. This set up Kershaw for a stressful situation, having two people on base and only one out to go. Kershaw with a 1-2 count got the Nationals pitch hitter to strike out.  

The Los Angeles Dodgers advanced to the NLCS for the first time since 2013. After a tough series, the Dodgers are heading into the NLCS with confidence knowing they have a chance to go to the World Series.



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