Somebody Else Tour


At the Forum in Los Angeles, on October 14th the band known as The 1975 held a concert.

The 1975 is an English rock band that consists of Matthew Healy (lead singer), George Daniel(drums), Adam Hann (lead guitar), Ross MacDonald (bass). They started at Wilmslow High School in the city of Wilmslow, Cheshire, England. From there, they started making record deals and signing with producers.

img_6952The concerts song set list was Love Me, UGH! Heart Out, A Change of Heart, She’s American, Anobrian, Menswear, Somebody Else, Loving Someone, Robbers, Girls, Chocolate, and The Sound. These songs came from their two famous albums known as The 1975, released in 2013 and I like it when You Sleep, for You are so Beautiful yet so Unaware of It, released in 2016. img_6972

I got floor seats, wanting a good standing spot. I showed up two hours early and the building was already surrounded by fans. Although fans were aggressive and pushy, I was able to get myself a good, close spot. Being aggressive in that environment was very necessary. People were rude and very pushy to get as close as possible to the stage.

Vanessa Diaz, a fan, said she “Loved the performance, the music, the light show, and Matty’s curly hair” but she felt as though there was “too many people”.

Although I was annoyed by the fans, I still had an amazing time. The concerts setup was different for every song, full of beautiful lights and colors. The annoying crowd didn’t ruin the concert for me. Each setup was perfect with the songs, releasing nothing but good vibes. I’d rate the concert a 10/10 and would consider attending one of their concerts again.

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