You Have One Month


Sharon W. Tran

Wednesday, November 30. The date sends chills down the spines of many high school seniors during college application season. The due date for both the UC (University of California) and CSU (California State University) applications is waiting at the end of the month, and seniors are working hard to beat the due date.

“I wish I could of [sic] started early so that way it wouldn’t have all piled on in a more stressful time,” expressed senior Brave, Erik Flores.

UCLA Kaufman Hall

Because the CSUs and UCs run as different college systems, both systems have their own application systems. The CSUs have CSUMentor while the UCs have My UC Application. The CSUMentor provides separate applications for each of the campuses the CSU system includes. The UC Application is the same application across all of the UC campuses and allows students to simply choose which schools they want to send the application to early on in the application process. The portals are very user-friendly and facilitate the college applications process without stressing students out with hard-to-understand systems.

The CSU applications are regarded as the easier applications since they do not require essay questions. The UC application, however, does require applicants to answer four out of eight personal insight questions with a word limit of 350 words each.

Students have a total of 23 CSU campuses and 9 UC campuses to choose from. For those who do not get application fee waivers, each CSU application costs $55 while each UC application costs $70. Compared to private institutions, the fees are relatively low. Students who qualify for fee waivers are offered up to four fee waivers by each system.

CSULA Student Union


“I advise the junior class to start early and take your time to do it right,” explained Flores when asked about what he would like to share with the junior class about the application process. There are students who seemed to have heard the advice beforehand and have already finished parts of their applications. Senior Brave Vanessa Soriano, who has already submitted her CSU applications, is one such student.

“It feels great to finish my apps early, but playing the waiting game is just as stressful,” Soriano expressed. “The hardest part of the CSU app was actually taking the time to sit down and start.” Soriano applied to Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Los Angeles, and Cal State Long Beach.

To all seniors, do not worry — you are not alone in the process. There is still a month to work on both applications. Find some time, sit down, and work.

Just share it.