Bone Apple Tea


Miss Tea is a boba joint located on Ramona Blvd and hidden among the variety of business that border Morgan Park. The tea lounge opened in 2014 and instantly became extremely popular, especially among teens.

Its popularity can be attributed to many things: the lack of boba business in BP prior to its opening, its everlasting buy-one-get-one free special, its extensive menu, its artistic appearance, or its great service and even better drinks.

img_0596Miss Tea’s small venue gives it a comfortable, homey atmosphere when there’s not many customers, but makes for a frustrating experience where there is. It only has a few seating options in its small space: a table for two seats to the left of the entrance and a bench parallel to the counter followed by another table. Most customers patiently wait for their drinks on the bench while those with drinks or with dying phones sit on the table next to the outlet.

Although the wait can sometimes be too much, the workers always make it a point to serve customers as quickly as they can and with a smile.

Miss Tea has drinks for everyone, even those who aren’t big fans of actual boba. They offer teas, milk teas, yogurt drinks, and even refreshing smoothies. There’s plenty of toppings to choose from such as boba,egg pudding, and jelly ranging from rainbow to green apple.

Drinks are relatively cheap ranging from $3 to $5, depending on the size and the type of drink. On top of their cheap prices, Miss Tea always offers their buy-one-get-one free special. You can buy two large drinks and not spend a little over $4. As a frequent customer of Miss Tea over the years, I have never paid more than $5 for any combination of drinks that I have gotten.

Personally, my favorite drinks are the mango smoothie, the pudding milk tea, and the thai milk tea. Their smoothies are incredibly refreshing, creamy, and filling. Theyimg_0607 offer normal fruit smoothies and more unconventional ones such as the purple taro smoothie. The pudding milk tea includes egg pudding which is very tasty and goes well with the milk tea. The thai milk tea is offered as a milk tea and as a smoothie. Any combination of toppings can be added to any drink, although for a small price.

Miss Tea does not limit the taste of their customers and that is how it has garnered and maintained so many loyal customers, but Miss Tea has it flaws. Its popularity requires a bigger space. Some customers also say that perhaps its menu should be expanded to include food. However, the good thing about Miss Tea is that it focuses on making great drinks instead of spreading itself too thin by trying to do everything, like so many other businesses have.

Overall, I give Miss Tea a 4.5/5. It offers delicious drinks for an affordable price, but maybe they should have more than one bench since all of Baldwin Park flocks there after school.


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