You Donut Want To Miss This Opening

Tony Taing, owner of Tony’s Donut  House.

Tony Taing, owner of Tony’s Donut House.

Prepare your stomachs; there is a new donut shop in town. Located on Ramona Blvd, Tony’s Donut House had its silent opening on November 1st, and will have its grand opening on National Donut day, June 3rd, accompanied by a takeover of Morgan Park in order to promote the business.


Tony Taing, owner and manager of Tony’s Donut House, is trying to create a place where people are welcome and can express themselves. With fifteen 4k televisions, he says he plans on showcasing community talent.


“For the people that don’t get to meet each other, they’ll be able to see each others talents,” Tony said.


After the donut shop gets up and running, he hopes people can come in and enjoy each other’s company.


“There’s no meeting place anymore. There’s no Tower Records. There’s no more bookstores where people come all together. So that’s been a  great divide. I just want to bring them together,” Tony said.


With a wide array of items on the menu, such as sandwiches, rice plates, salads, fruit juices,  smoothies, ice cream, boba and (of course), donuts, there is plenty of food to converse over. At Tony’s other donut shop in Huntington Park, there is 24-hour service, yet he is unsure whether his Baldwin Park location will be the same.


“We don’t have the support for 24 hours yet, but we’re thinking about it. It depends how our staff turns out,” Tony said.


Since he is understaffed at the time, he is hoping for a gradual opening on November 1st, with not too much traffic. Hopefully, popularity will increase over time.


He is optimistic that residents will come into his donut house and that it will be integrated into the community.

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