BPHS Renaissance held a Halloween costume contest at brunch in the quad on Halloween. The categories included funniest, scariest, cutest, most original, and best group costumes. Renaissance awarded the winners of each with a spooky bucket full of delicious Halloween treats.

As a student in Renaissance, BPHS senior Samantha Sanchez found that the class efforts paid off. After the event wrapped up, she commented, “It definitely was a success, in my opinion. We prepared for this event for about two weeks and we were all pretty satisfied with the outcome.”

The contest was announced the week prior to Halloween, giving students enough time to put together their costumes in the hope of being declared the winners. The early Monday morning announcements once again reminded students about the event. Many students decided to participate after hearing about it over the intercom.

During the first few minutes of brunch, the spirited Renaissance did their best to encourage the crowd to join the contest and grab some goodies. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the center of the quad by the loud music, the candy that was being thrown out to random students, and the MC, img_3261Maria Peraza’s, energetic voice.

Once a good amount of students was rallied up, the competition began. Participants nominated themselves in the category that they saw most fit. Due to the shortness of brunch and the time taken up trying to encourage students, funniest costume was not awarded.

The scariest category consisted of the likes of vampires, zombies, and other traditional Halloween horrors. Ultimately, Jose Hernandez, a zombie decked out in white face paint and fake blood, took home the prize.

Best Group costume went to identical twins Sadie and Shirley Wilson, who were dressed as the characters from the iconic Nightmare Before Christmas.

Cutest costume went to BPHS sophomore Jordan Butler, who was a deer for the day complete with antlers, a flower crown, and contour.

img_3268For most original, a chicken, a bear, two doctors, a cowboy, and a milk and cookies came up. The category was easily the most amusing and certainly caught the attention of the crowd. Peraza encouraged the surrounding students to cheer for their favorite participant. BPHS senior and part-time carton of milk, Rachel Park, easily garnered the most cheers from her classmates.

When asked if she felt any nerves being a new student and competing in front of everyone, Park said, “No, not really. Halloween is supposed to be fun so it wasn’t really nerve wracking for me to show off my costume.”

Although Renaissance tried their best to incorporate everyone in the competition, there was unfortunately not enough time for everyone to show off their costumes. However, many students made their way to third period with candies in their hands and smiles on their faces.

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