Remember the Fourth of November?


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On November 4, 2015, a year ago today, the Vanguard News went live as Baldwin Park High School’s student-run online newspaper.

When the paper went live, it had been a year in the making. After two years now, there is an inexplicable pride, especially for a returning writer like myself, to see the Vanguard still going strong and working on getting out information through different forms of media.

The Vanguard would not be here today without the hard work (and even lack of it) from not only the founding members but also the brave staff writers who decided to take a chance by committing to the revival of a newspaper.

For a Vanguard birthday special, I interviewed many of the staff writers who graduated last year to put together a different kind of article. They reflected on their experiences, important advice, and life-changing questions about the naming of pastries.img_5045

  1. Do you miss writing for the Vanguard?

“There are definitely times when I miss being a part of The Vanguard. I miss the chaos of a busy newsroom and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with thinking of a clever headline. I especially miss the people I was able to work with; some of the closest friendships I made were with people in The Vanguard.” – Leonel Quintana

“I do miss writing for the Vanguard, at times. There were instances where I could finish a story in 20 minutes but there was also times where it’d take me over two hours. The satisfaction of finishing a story you worked hard on and having it published for others to read is irreplaceable however.” – Andres Martinez

“Definitely, I really enjoyed being a writer for The Vanguard. I think we were very versatile and had a lot to say about what was going on. Whether it was at school, in the community or worldwide news, we wanted to talk about it.” – Tyra Castro

  1.  What was your favorite Vanguard story (that you wrote or that you read)?

“Cesar’s story on how we started the Vanguard. It perfectly captured exactly how it

was at the beginning. Everything in that piece is a fact.” – Francisco Cardoso

“ I really enjoyed reading Cesar’s article “What’s a Vanguard? A newspaper club?” It tells the story of how The Vanguard came to be, so I feel a bit of an emotional connection to it as one of the founding members. Anytime I read that article, I’m filled with nostalgia and left with a silly grin on my face.” – Leonel

““What’s a Vanguard?” was by far my favorite piece to write. Reading through that article reminds me of how wildly unprepared we were during our early days. I remember a few things from the night I wrote this article. The website was going live the next day and Milnes wanted an article that summed up who we were. There are few times that I have felt as proud as I did that night. After a year, we were finally going online. I left school that night around 7 or 8. I left with a sense of accomplishment – I helped create something that was here to stay, hopefully.” -Cesar Arevalo

  1. What is a message/piece of advice you’d like to give the new writers?

“Anything can be a story. You always need to be aware of what’s around you as a great story can be in front of you without noticing. Also, comma before the quote, always.” -Andres

“Meet your deadlines and stay on Ms. Milnes’ good side.” – Leonel

“Do everything you can, and see everything that there is to be seen. Never been to

tennis match? Volunteer to cover the next one. Have you ever seen a Cross Country

race? You should they’re great. Ever been backstage at the talent show? No? Then

get yourself a story and go backstage.” – Francisco

“Piece of advice: DO ALL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS IN CLASS ASAP.” -Arlyn Ruiz

  1. What was your favorite aspect about the Vanguard News?

“Working with others to build and run a newspaper was my favorite aspect. Also, I’m pretty sure my involvement with the Vanguard News made my college application a lot stronger.” – Cesar

“The people were great, mostly because everyone in there was my friend, we had

some fun times in there.” – Francisco

“I loved the freedom that it gave its members. I never felt like I was in a classroom, I felt like I was in a newsroom full of writers, each with their own set of opinions and a desire to make their voices heard.” – Leonel

  1. When was the last time you checked out the Vanguard website?

“Around 5 minutes ago… But realistically about once a week.” – Andres

“About three minutes ago to answer question 2.” – Francisco

“The last time I checked the website was earlier today (for this email) and last week.” – Tyra

  1. Plain donut or bagel?

“Bagel. Plain doughnuts just don’t feel right.” – Leonel

“Since I work at a Donut Shop…. Bagel all the way.” – Andres

“Neither. Glazed donut.” – Cesar

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Francisco Cardoso coping with missing The Vanguard News staff


Leonel Quintana: The Man, the Lion, the Model
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