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Thanks to Instagram and YouTube, nearly everybody seems to be a beauty expert. The most recent craze that has been everybody’s favorite part of their routine has been highlighter.

Now what exactly is highlighter? Highlighter is a product that can completely change somebody’s complexion. It can brighten up the face, cause the skin to look younger, and bring life back into a person’s face.iuhguigh

Luisa Valle, a junior from Baldwin Park High School commented, “Highlight has suddenly become popular with most girls. It’s nice to see people wearing it. FLAUNT IT.”

Highlighters come in many different packages, from many different brands, with many different names. Some may be called “illuminators,” “shimmer strips,” or just “highlighters,” but they all will produce the same results.

The goal of using a highlighter is to create a look where the skin is reflective and dewy, and overall moisturized.

When choosing a highlighter, it is important to consider one’s undertone. If a person is more fair, he or she should use a product with more of a pink undertone. Or, if a person has a deeper complexion, he or she should choose a highlight with more of a gold undertone.

The primary areas of application are the cheekbones, temples, cupid’s bow, brow bone, inner tear duct, chin, and tip of the nose.

The product is very fun to apply, but one should be careful of getting too carried away with application.

Cindy Nguyen, a junior from Baldwin Park, commented, “Highlighter brightens one’s face and makes them look lighter and prettier.”

dytjkytSome have taken this product to the extreme and made challenges, such as the “Full Face Highlighter Challenge.” Comedians on YouTube have taken advantage of, and made sketches of, this challenge, such as Jenna Marbles. Marbles made a video named the “Full Face Highlighter Challenge,” but applied actual highlighter markers to her face.

Overall, highlighter is a product that can boost a person’s look, create confidence, and give that lit from within look. If somebody chooses to wear highlighter, he or she should do so freely, because it is only makeup, it’s a form of expression, and it does wash off at the end of the day.

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