Brave, Brave Alumni

Brave, Brave Alumni

There have been many Brave alumni who have gone on to do great things. For example, Gary Allen and Ron Brown, who both were great athletes. Jose Lopez Jr. is no exception, as he joined the Navy after graduating from Baldwin Park High School.

Jose Lopez Jr. graduated in 2012. He was MVP for water polo during his  four years at Baldwin Park High School. He was also known for being a friendly person and was voted Prom King. To show his uniqueness he performed a skit when he ran for king.

“I joined the navy for the experience of getting the opportunity to travel the world.” Mr. Lopez went on to say, “All while gaining knowledge that would help me go further in whatever path I took in life.”

The Navy is the part of the military that conducts military operations at sea. When asked why he chose the Navy Lopez said, “The Navy was also the branch with the most promising career path, and till [this] point hasn’t proven me wrong.”

Mr. Lopez has not decided what he would like to pursue after the Navy; however, he has learned many life lessons and skills that he will carry with himloooooopez throughout his life. Lopez has only been in the Navy for three and a half years but has made a lot of memories. He serves as an Emergency Action Controller, responsible for the safe guarding of nuclear assets.

Joining the military takes commitment and heart, “As hard as it might be at times it’s the good days that make it worth it.” stated Lopez. He went on to say, “Whether you make it a five year tour or twenty you’ll get out of the military what you’re willing to put into it.”


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