Greener and Cleaner


WEST COVINA, CALIFORNIA– On Saturday, October 1, members of Baldwin Park Key Club went to Cameron Park to clean up the park at an event hosted by  West Covina Kiwanis.

Members that came to this event were from all of the surrounding schools in the area. These schools included Baldwin Park High School, West Covina High School, and Sierra Vista High School.

Adopt-a-Park is an event held by West Covina Kiwanis every month to clean up the parks in their city.

Suu Nemyo, a sophomore from Baldwin Park High School, commented, “Adopt-a-Park is a fun event where members can help the community and meet new friends. It went really well and everyone was doing their part to help clean up the park.”dfoghd

Kiwanis are the grown up version of Key Club, who provide service and aid to the groups they partner with, such as Key Club or Circle K International.

The event lasted for one hour, and despite the short time frame, over 50 members attended.

Those who attended also interacted with other park-goers enjoying their Saturday morning. Parents, with their young children, played at the playground and would question Key Clubbers on why they chose to do service on their Saturday mornings.

Shwe Nemyo, the president of Baldwin Park’s Key Club commented on the event. “Adopt-a-Park was one of the first volunteering events I ever attended. It makes me really happy knowing I helped make Cameron Park a better place. And my friends make everything better.”

Overall, it was a successful event, and Key Clubbers were able to pick up a couple dozen bags worth of trash that littered the park.

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