Water Polo Baptized by the Saints


BALDWIN PARK,CA– On Monday, October 24, BPHS Boys’ Water Polo was defeated by the San Dimas Saints on home territory with a score of 15 to 3.

“I think this game went well in terms of defense, we could have done a lot better in offense though and completing our goals,” BPHS junior Oscar Barragan stated. “They scored a lot on us because we had a new goalie. But even for his experience, he seems pretty good.”uno

The pool was unusually full from rain, and it was a cloudy and windy day out on the pool deck. Coach Kersher gave a pep talk to his boys about the game. He wasn’t concerned with winning but with improving their skill and playing intensively.

Casey Booker, the Brave’s starting goalie, was subbed out by David Ambriz for this game. When the first quarter began, both the Braves and Saints started aggressively. The Saints made the first shot after passing back and forth to each other, confusing the Braves. As time went on, Isaiah Rangel made the first goal for the Braves with a nice clean shot. Ambriz also tried blocking the opponent’s attempted shots. However, the Saints were very concentrated, making  it hard to steal the ball from them. The Braves and the Saints fought ferociously for the ball, but the Braves could not advance. The opponents played much more offensively and pushed to Ambriz, and unfortunately, he couldn’t save the shot. Afterwards, Rangel quickly stole the ball from the Saints’ best player and passed to Rudy Munoz, who successfully scored. The San Dimas Saints rebounded and attempted to score but failed, due to being too rushed. The quarter ended with the Saints still in the lead, 5 to 2.tres

The Braves were tired but kept a high intensity, not giving in. However, they were still not aggressive enough. Defense was the key strategy used by the Braves in second quarter. Ambriz luckily blocked a shot with his arm, preventing the Saints from scoring. The Braves continued to pass the ball around but weren’t strong enough. Rangel attempted to score but failed, by just a few inches.

There was a moment of intense passing from the Braves and Saints but the Saints were triumphant in the end. Jacob Robles and Barragan played defensively as best as they could but they were no match for the Saints’ offense. The opponents were all able to throw further than our boys, and had more accurate aim. The Saints’ goalie blocked every move, shutting down the Braves. The second quarter ended, 8 to 2.

Joel Rangel attempted to score right when the third quarter started. However, almost immediately, the Saints scored. Rangel passed from Brian Hung to Munoz and attempted to shoot; but the Saints’ goalie completely blocked it. After Richard Montenes tried to shoot, the Braves kept trying to shoot. Barragan and Rangel swam ahead to enter the opponent’s territory, but the Saints were too fast. With only forty-six seconds left on the clock, Rangel proved his skills as a shooter, gaining a point for the Braves. Robles stole ball from a Saint right after, but, as he searched for a teammate to pass, the third quarter ended, 11 to 3.dos

In the fourth and final quarter, the Saints’ goal was to play offensively. They kept scoring easily even with Rangel trying to block them. Munoz was near the the Saints’ goal and threw vigorously but hit the cage. The Braves were ultimately too anxious, which resulted in falling behind. The sun finally came out of the clouds, settling in a tiring mood for the rest of the game. Rangel kept advancing, trying to make another shot, but the Saints’ goalie was too smart. The clock continued to tick, but the Braves could not pass or move to the opponent’s side. With twenty-five seconds left in the game, Munoz attempted to shoot for the last time but missed, ending the game, 15 to 3.

“I think that we did better than the last game and the last time that we played them,” Rangel concluded. “We have our bad days and good days but this was one of our better days.”

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