Something Burning in Your Pocket?

Something Burning in Your Pocket?

Buzz over the Samsung Galaxy 7 Note, since August 19, heated up after Samsung recalled all units of the phone that were sent out or sold to consumers.

This massive recall was due to a dangerous flaw with the battery, which caused the phone to start smoking, and in some cases, even catch fire.

Samsung’s flagship device had only been on sale for two weeks and had sold 2.5 million devices before issues started to come to attention. If this suddenly were to become an issue for other devices the brand offers, it would completely ruin the positive attention it has been getting from the release of it Galaxy S7.thr2d7g3r9

“There’s definitely damage done and the whole incident is detrimental to Samsung’s image,” said IDC analyst Tay Xiaohan. “The level of damage will depend on how Samsung addresses this issue quickly and solves the problem.”

All across South Korean social media, consumers have claimed their devices have either caught fire, started smoking, or exploded.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration also reported they are not allowing passengers to board planes if they have a Galaxy 7 Note, because it could become a possible danger or liability.

The company has announced they are willing to replace all devices that have had any of these issues. This means that this powerhouse smartphone producer will have to replace 2.5 million devices, the biggest recall in history for this industry.

However, it has been recently reported the replacement devices have also been experiencing the same technical difficulties with the battery.

“If you look at previous instances in tech history where there have been recalls, as long as it doesn’t drag on to the point that the company becomes the butt of a joke, then it should be minor. If it becomes like a Pinto, where you don’t want to buy it because it explodes, that would be a bad situation,” said Bryan Ma, an analyst at IDC, a technology research firm, referring to the 1971 Ford car that became famous for erupting in flames after rear-end collisions,“but I think they’ll get past it.”

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