Sundaes on a Monday


Photo courtesy of Kevin Lam

BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Monday, October 17, Impact Academy gave out free ice cream to students with a GPA of 3.5 and higher in recognition of their achievement and effort.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Lam

“Honestly it was really cool and really good,” said BPHS senior Victoria Jung. “It’ll probably motivate others to do well too.” She believes that Impact should have these special rewards every now and then to encourage peers around her.

The Impact Academy is one of the three academies at Baldwin Park High School. It’s the academy with careers related to communications, technology, and public service. The other two houses are STEAM and Vital.

A week prior to Monday, small, white pieces of paper were delivered to classrooms during fifth period. The students with a GPA of 3.5 and higher received these sheets. It was written exactly, “SUPERSTAR! Congratulations on receiving a 3.5 or better. Come by Monday, October 17, 2016 during lunchtime to room 609 for a sweet treat!”

During lunchtime, students were lined up against the doorway of room 609. The ice cream buckets were halfway empty, sprinkles were everywhere, and the room was full of commotion. Students gave their invitations to a student at the door and had the chance to select the ice cream flavor of their choice: vanilla, chocolate, or chocolate chip.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Moran

At the next station after receiving their bowl of sundaes, a table was set out to decorate the desert. Oreo cookies, sprinkles, and M&M’s were in bowls. For additional toppings, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrup were offered as well as plenty of napkins.

The Impact students walked out happy with their desert while students not in Impact stared enviously.

BPHS senior Joe Si, was truly satisfied with his reward. “I thought it was pretty nice. At first I thought they were going to be this small cup of ice cream but they gave us a good amount. I hope to get it every grading period.”

In terms of self-rewards, BPHS students were glad their efforts paid off. Results showed that paying attention, studying, and earning the grades they want are all worth it in the end! Because who knows, maybe there will be another surprise!

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