Teacher Squad Runs in the Color Run

Teacher Squad Runs in the Color Run

Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Kelso, and Mrs. Wong got together in Pomona on Saturday, October 24 to run in the annual Color Run. They hung out as friends and had fun just like anybody else might do in their free time. Oftentimes, students forget teachers have lives outside of school, but as it appears, they really do! After this event, I think it is safe to say they might even have more interesting lives than many of us students.

“While you’re running, there are these different stations where people throw different colored powder and so that’s why it’s called the color COLOR RUN 2, 150run. You’re supposed to wear a white shirt and by the end of it you have all these colors all over you. It’s the happy race,” said Mrs. Malone, when describing the Color Run.

“With this race, it’s just what they call a fun run. Most of it isn’t about time; it’s just running together in this social event with your friends, helping to raise money for charity, and getting powder doused all over you,” said Mrs. Wong when describing the Color Run.

On a scale of 1-10, Mrs. Wong and Mrs. Malone both ranked the Color Run a score of 10. Mrs. Kelso, on the other hand, said, “It was an 8.”

Color Run packages are usually $40 per person or $30 per person in a group of four or more; however, Mrs. Wong, the “Group-on Lady,” according to Mrs. Malone, found a deal where each individual package was only $30. Each package comes with a shirt, a medal, a headband, a bottle of colored powder, and even wash-off tattoos. The trio found themselves wearing matching tutus at the run.

“I bought tutus,” Mrs. Malone said enthusiastically, when asked if she and her group wore matching outfits. Mrs. Kelso wore a yellow tutu, Mrs. Malone wore a blue one, and Mrs. Wong wore a purple one.

When asked if she anticipates that the Color Run will become a tradition she and her colleagues will share together, Mrs. Malone said yes and Mrs. Wong agreed. They have high hopes of rCOLOR RUN 1, 150ecruiting more teachers and expanding their group for next year’s run. They encourage anybody wanting to do something fun and unique with their friends to participate in the Color Run and maybe even bump into them there.

Sometimes students fail to recognize that their teachers also have friends and go out in their free time, but when asked if she and her colleagues would consider themselves a squad, as many of today’s young folks like to say to describe their circles of friends, Mrs. Malone said “Um, I think you would have to name us that. Yeah.”

“I probably hang out with my colleagues once a month,” said Mrs. Kelso. Teachers now not only have better social lives than many students, but they also have their own squads to spend time with.

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