Hitler’s Face Lives on


BERLIN, GERMANY– Adolf Hitler, the man responsible for the deaths of many, was being remembered on a whole new level as his face was displayed on a building in Berlin as a part of an art installation.

Hitler, along with many other historical people of Berlin, was chosen to be a part of the Berlin Leuchtet  (Berlin Shines Festival). His face was displayed with Nazi flags in the background and had the swastika blacked out.

Many in Berlin were unaware of the art installation and one man driving down the street was in shock and called the police, according to The Washington Post.  

Many of the other historical figures were able to be heard except for Hitler’s giant head. The artists muted him, but Joseph Goebbels, a famous Nazi propaganda chief, was vocal saying, “Do you want total war?”

Glorification of the Third Reich is illegal in Germany, but this was allowed by the police as it was a part of history. Whether or not, Hitler was an important part of German history is debatable, especially for those who feel he is an embarrassment to German society. Many artists supported the art installation, saying that it was a sort of warning against the negative side of wanting power.

Andreas Boehlke, the festival’s curator, expressed how it was just art and nothing more.

Boehlke said,“Nothing is glossed over. It is a clear warning to all. This must never happen again. We inspire people to deal with history. We do not make Nazi propaganda.”

The art was held in Leipziger Platz from September 20 – October 16.

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