Roasting Weather


Do you still get sweaty just from walking around outside, even though the winter season is approaching?

All throughout Southern California, people have noticed weather patterns are not following the seasons like previous years. Students at Baldwin Park High School have also commented on  how odd the weather has been this school year.

One of Baldwin Park High School’s juniors, Luisa Valle, stated,”It’s annoying because it’s cold in the morning! And then it gets hot throughout the day. And even though it’s fall, it shouldn’t be as hot as it is. It was just raining Monday, and now look how it is!”mazen_head_extreme_weather_342193381_2

These warmer temperatures have worsened the already occurring drought. Scientists have concluded this warming trend makes it more likely for California, and other parts of the west coast, to have more severe droughts in the future.

Mariel Jung, also a student at Baldwin Park High School, also commented, “I don’t like how it’s been because in the morning I feel the need to wear FIVE sweaters and sweats, and by noon I feel like I should be wearing a tank top and then five I need to put back on my FIVE sweaters and sweats.”

Scientists still weren’t sure what was causing these fluctuations, but theorized it was most likely  due to changes in the sea-surface temperatures or ocean currents coming off of the Gulf of Mexico. It had also been speculated that the varying amounts of cloud cover over large bodies of water, during the summer, had become a possible factor. These changes, plus outgoing longwave radiation during late summer, had caused significant changes in the weather patterns.

Anybody passing through Baldwin Park would be able to note the effect the high temperatures have been having. They would see the remains of dried up bushes and lawns.

“Summer has always been a time many people look forward to, but climate change is causing more and more threats that we need to be mindful of,” says Kim Knowlton, a co-author of the new report and senior scientist with the New York-based Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

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