The Fall Ball




BALDWIN PARK- Baldwin Park High School held its annual Homecoming Dance on Friday, October 14. The theme was The Fall Ball.

“I love the theme and how the decorations deeply represented the fall theme” stated senior Emmanuel Perez, “The music was good I was dancing all night long with my girl and friends. .And my girl looked stunning.”

The twist this year was that homecoming was after the football game. This change was made because homecoming was traditionally after the game.  

Nick Valenzuela, a senior football player, stated, “I didn’t like the music, it was too hot inside and there wasn’t enough places to sit.”  

ASB surprised students with an IN-N-OUT truck at homecoming. A burger and chips with a drink was included with their ticket. couple-3-homecoming

Most students were satisfied with the IN-N-OUT truck and enjoyed their food. However, senior Peter Mendez described, “I just didn’t like the burger, it was cold kinda.” He went on to say, “First of all, my homecoming date looked stunning. I really approved of the way it was well decorated for being in the gym.”

Students enjoyed the decorations, which it gave a fall vibe. Students loved to take pictures with the hay, pumpkins, and posters that provided an amazing background for pictures. 

“I thought it was very fun. Everyone was dancing and it was a great. I liked how there was IN-N-OUT but I wish there were fries instead of chips,” commented senior Lisa Nguyen on her first homecoming experience.  

The dance floor was crowded, with the DJ  playing music that students liked and kept everyone moving on the dance floor.

The Fall Ball turned out to be another great dance hosted by ASB. The hardworking ASB students put a lot of effort into presenting a dance that everyone would enjoy, and that’s exactly what they did.

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