Braves Swept by the Raiders


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Tuesday, October 18, Baldwin Park’s Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team lost against the Rowland Raiders in a close match of 3-2 on Brave territory.

“Well, tonight we are playing Rowland and last round, we lost to them in the fifth set,” explained senior Alexis Muñoz. “If we communicate and work together as a team it will lead us to a victory. We just have to put all else aside and play volleyball!”

The Lady Braves did just that when they started the first set precisely and aggressively. Muñoz and Yelitza Cortez put points on the scoreboard through great service aces. The Braves took the lead early on with a score of 11-4. While the Braves excelled in their serves in this set, the Raiders struggled with serves, which usually resulted in hitting the net or side outs. The Braves continued to pull further ahead and ended the set with a score of 25-15.

img_9523The second set marked the change of the tide as the Raiders took the lead early on with a score of 8-4. However, the Braves were able to follow behind closely with Kirsten Serna’s accurate setting ability. Compared to the previous set, the Braves were less energized but Rowland also found themselves lacking in communication. The Braves began to catch up once the score reached 21-18, the Raiders’ lead, but the Raiders ultimately took the set with a score of 25-22.

In the third set, the Braves found their determination once again and pulled from an early tie at the beginning of the set to a score of 10-7. The Braves’ Lizette Gomez executed well-timed power tips multiple times throughout the set and encouraged the Braves to push further in the game. The Lady Braves maintained their lead until the set ended with a score of 25-22.

The fourth set marked a change from the previous two sets with the Raiders taking a quick lead, 4-2. Their lead remained small at the beginning, but soon the Raiders dug deep as they realized the severity of winning this set. The BP girls’ lack of communication  and Rowland’s determination to widen their lead brought the final score to 25-15.

The final set was an intense tie-breaker. Fans on both sides cheered for their girls. The BP girls’ energy was at an all-time high and they seemed determined to do whatever they could to bring a BP victory. The Raiders, however, managed to take on an early lead which our girls were not able to close. The gym was full of anticipation as the set reached its match point, 14-7. The Rowland girls tipped the ball over, earning them the final point and causing their fans to explode in cheers. The final score of the match came to 3-2, a close Rowland victory.

“I would say that us as a team can work on not giving up when we’re down in points and keeping the same intensity throughout all the sets,” said BPHS senior Yelitza Cortez of her team’s close loss.

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