Countdown to the Fall Ball: Homecoming Rally 2016


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Thursday, October 13, Baldwin Park High School held its incredibly anticipated and special Homecoming Rally in the school gym.

“The homecoming rally was really stressful, to be honest,” said Leanne Do, who ran for Senior Queen. “A lot of time and effort was put in by the candidates and ASB for pulling it off. In the end, I thought it came out pretty nicely.”

The rally was split into two sessions as usual, with one side of the school going after the other. If the students’ second period class was in the 500, 600, 700, or 800 Halls, they got to see the rally first. If the students’ second period class was either in the 200s, 400s, PE, or Auto Shop, they attended after brunch.

As BPHS students walked in the gym, music blared and the lights were everywhere. ASB did a very good job on the decorations with the posters and balloons. More people occupied the seats on the bleachers and chairs on the floor too.

The first activity held by ASB was a chugging-race game. Four volunteers were selected to drink a whole cup of vanilla milkshake from In-N-Out. Afterwards, the students running for Homecoming Court were introduced. The performance order was from freshman princess and prince, sophomore princesses, junior princesses, to senior king and queen. They were all different; just by talking, or even putting on a costume to put on a show.

Spoken word, Isaiah Martinez ran for freshman prince and Cierra Hilo ran for freshman princess. Both recited a speech together rather than the typical dance routine. They also hoped that in a few years, they’d be in the same place together being King and Queen.

For sophomore princess, Stephanie Hernandez and Sela Martinez ran against each other. Both of the girls had a dance performance. Sela’s music kept stopping due to technical difficulties in the first rally, but in the end, everything went well.

Kirsten Serna, Priscilla Hernandez, and Monique Cordova ran for junior princess. Kirsten danced with her friends as they held up posters for her, and Monique had a short dance number as well. Priscilla and her crew quickly danced to Halo by Beyoncé.

For Homecoming Queen, Leanne Do, Jasmine Montoya, and Liliana Orozco were the candidates. Jasmine and her bandmates prepared a band musical performance, where they all played their brass instruments and sang together. It was a very innovative and short performance. Liliana and her friends danced to a remix playlist of pop songs and so did Leanne. Leanne even had several of her fellow classmates lift up their shirts to reveal her name on their abs, which resulted in many screams of surprise.

And lastly, Toby Vasquez and Brandon Cejas were the two candidates for Homecoming King. Toby freestyled to songs while his fans cheered him on in the back of the stage. Brandon and his friends came out with something probably no one had ever seen before. A gigantic, plastic T-rex dinosaur danced with Brandon, an funny showcase to capture the audience’s attention.

ASB also decided to put together a mini fashion show of the Fall Ball attire. Student models walked in pairs on the stage, showing how students could dress at Homecoming, even with the school dress code. While that was happening, Bobby the Brave and fellow ASB members were passing out “Fear the Spear” t-shirts to hype up the crowd.

“I feel like more students should be into the idea of Homecoming and be more involved with the school,” Leanne concluded. She felt that there should have been more candidates and entertaining performances.

Students had to wait until the second rally to start voting, ending the next day at 3PM. With a student ID number and birthday, anyone from BPHS could vote on And while the short lived moments and Homecoming hype was over, the memories were always to be remembered.

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