California Seafood Pub


BALDWIN PARK, CA On Sunday, October 16,  California Seafood Pub was the destination, which is located at 14417 Ramona Blvd, in front of Menchies. The restaurant is a seafood restaurant similar to The Boiling Crab, but the food is prepared with an Asian style of cooking.


Upon entrance, my group was greeted, taken to our seats, and given menus . The atmosphere was nice with fishing nets and anchors as décor and a very lovely wall where previous customers have written.

The table was soon covered with a big white paper so that we could make as much mess as we wanted without making a mess. The waiter, however, did not bring the children markers so that they could draw on the paper while food was ordered, which was previously offered on a prior visit.

The family meal was ordered which included a combination platter of appetizers, 1 pound of crab legs, half a pound each of mussels, vegetables, and shrimp, and a platter of shrimp fried rice for $40. The meal came rather quickly with the main entree coming before the appetizers. The shrimp fried rice followed soon after.


The seafood entree was a mix of cajun style with Asian flavors. The mussels were very fresh and went well with the sauce. The crab legs tasted good with the sauce and were easily opened with the utensils provided. The vegetables were enjoyable especially the broccoli. The shrimp was good too but the heads of the shrimp had a strong flavor.

The appetizers consisted of fried shrimp, fish, and cajun style fries. The fries were a bit on the spicy side, but very good and not on the soggy side either. The fried shrimp and fish were well-fried but bland, however it got more flavor from the ketchup and sauces given with it.

The service was good and management checked up on us several times to make sure we were enjoying ourselves, which we were. The three other groups that were also dining kept the atmosphere welcoming and a good environment to talk without worrying about being too quiet. There were also plenty of TVs for people to watch the game. My first time coming here was a while back and it was on the day of the Super Bowl, That time there was a large amount of people enjoying the food while watching the game.

The least favorite plate of the meal was the shrimp fried rice. I thought it had too much egg or at least more than what I was accustomed to, and it had minimal shrimp. My sister, on the other hand, enjoyed it more than the seafood platter, which was my favorite.

Overall, California Seafood Pub was pretty inexpensive considering how pricey seafood typically is with the whole meal costing around $50. I feel like it’s a good restaurant to go watch games, go on a date, or even just to eat the food. However, make sure to bring more than $20 if you want to enjoy yourself . I give the restaurant 4/5 stars.

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